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Hi, I’m Christian!

I became a computer enthusiast when I got my very first computer with Windows 98. It was 22 years ago, but I still remember it well. Curious as I was, I spent hours discovering its features and tweaking it when there was a problem. This passion guided the choice of my studies. Today, I am a freelance Webmaster and IT Support and this passion has not left me.

Christian Djanchi is my name! Always willing to learn and unlearn, I have evolved professionally over the past ten years with great enthusiasm. With a degree in Networking and Multimedia dating back to 2012, I have been working to provide IT solutions, both in-house and freelance. For the past three years I have focused particularly on web design and development. In parallel with my freelance activity, I continue to train myself. I like to test new technologies in my field, monitor technology and carry out projects that I like.

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