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Website design.

Elizabeth Mobit – Just Us Babes 


Implement a secure online platform to promote Religion, Beauty, Lifestyle and provide Coaching sessions.


“When you’re feeling down and out, we often look to family and loved ones for encouragement. In addition, for many people, their Bible provides meaningful verses and relatable stories to help pull them out of their slump. In the Bible, you can find reassuring Bible verses about hope that are encouraging and uplifting, as well as Bible verses about healing. Scripture can serve as a great reminder that, with a little faith, strength can always be found, even when we think it’s lost.” This is explained in the “25 Encouraging Bible Verses About Strength” website, which we found true and helpful to share.

In the same way, Just Us Babes will be providing support to renew and change the minds of young women through the gospel. A website will then help to promotes their activities and ease to information sharing among its community.

Your expectations (with our proposed tools):

  1. Present your services (main and secondaries);
  2. Create/Populate your articles under a blog;
  3. Offer/Sell your books online –  Online payment platform (Visa/Mastercard through PayPal and et MTN MoMo/Express Union from/for Cameroon);

What we’ll be adding:

  1. A well design and responsive interface, which will ease navigation on all the devices  (PC, tablet, mobile devices) – Responsive website;
  2. A secure website – SSL certificates;
  3. An unlimitted disk space, for sharing more content (pictures, documents -pdf- and articles) with high availability rate;
  4. A contact form and live chat module if needed – Online chat (support).

See other options below.

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Options and costs

This offer is valid until March 30th 2022


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A: ergonomics.

All our websites are “responsives” as mentionned above. We always make sure the navigation will meet the standards good on all type of devices (PC, tablet, smartphones).

B: Online support.

We’ll be implementing a contact form on the contact page. You’ll then receive emails from your visitors. A WhatsApp button could also be also added on your demand, which will bring your visitors close to the team behind the scenes.

C: Hosting.

Our webhost is among the bests. 

The offer we’ll subscribe to host your website has been rated among the best in France, which is also closer to Cameroon. Their high availability and performance make us confident about the final solution to be delivered.

D: security and support.

We always install the necessary security tools which reasssure us, in addition to our security protocol, the continuity in delivering our services (YOURS in this case). Thsi is why we always include a 3 months technical support post deployment in our contract (already in the proposed project’s budget). We hope you’ll appreciate our efforts in making your platform clean and stable, and you’ll then agree to contract us for the following months. 

E: temr and payment method.

The estimated delivery time is 30 days (4 weeks):

  • 20 days of conception and delivery;
  • 10 days of follow up, hand over and support. 


After this period, we’ll be in the “budgetized” technical support stage. This support includes technical and content updates  (on customer demands).

You can order our service through on of the listed payment method. Please click on the “order your special offer” button above to be redirected to the order page.


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Community Management

We started this adventure as "Web Editors". The web copywriter is one of the new professions linked to the Internet. This job involves producing editorial content adapted to the web. Source Wikipedia.

In our experience, many websites remain unfinished due to a lack of content, as some customers are not sufficiently "staffed" to produce adequate texts. In addition to this service, and with our "English - French" translation services, we offer a complete range of services for those who want to get started but don't have what it takes. A one-hour meeting is all it takes for us to understand, describe and serve you.

Today, we include the Community Management in our offer, and accompany you through the entire process of expanding your online business.

Infographics and (Web)design

Computer graphics is the field of computer-aided digital image creation. This activity is related to the graphic arts. Source Wikipedia.

Also, visual communication enables better retention of information. From a scientific point of view, it has been proven that the use of visuals helps individuals to remember information more effectively. Source : TechSmith

Entrust us with your projects and we'll bring your ideas to life by drawing the essence of your thoughts.

Video creating and editing

Video editing consists of selecting pre-recorded image sequences on video and assembling them into a coherent sequence or artistic expression. Video editing involves cutting a long video down to just a few seconds, for use in documentaries, TV films, news reports, video clips, animated films and so on. Source Wikipedia.

Imagine the impact of your videos when you know that a single image is worth 1000 words...

Software Development

A software application is said to be "standalone" when it can be used either on its own (like any other application), or as a plug-in but with an information exchange protocol (e.g. Rewire). Source Wikipedia. This is the type of software we install on our computers.

A mobile application is a software application developed for a mobile electronic device, such as a PDA, cell phone, smartphone, portable digital player, touch-screen tablet, or even certain computers running the Windows Phone or Chrome OS operating systems. Source : Wikipedia.

What is software? It's undoubtedly a time-saving, productivity-enhancing tool for your business.

Professional Voice Over

Do you have a dream, a vision, a passion, an art, a project, an intention? Are you on the other side of the world and would like to share your passion with the whole world? Do you want your voice to be heard everywhere and by everyone? Then you certainly need us. We use our voices to magnify your texts, turning them into vehicles of emotion and intention.

Our areas of expertise include: djingles, commercials, trailers, billboards, telephone waits, Gps guidance, video games, corporate films, e-learning, narration, audiobooks, documentaries, film dubbing... In short, wherever you need a voice, we'll be there!

With authentic recording quality, we deliver your project within 24/48 hours by e-mail as an MP3 or WAV file, depending on your requirements.