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How to become a footballer in Cameroon

We would like to thank Mr Joseph Momaso for his confidence in our services. This page will help us to guide the young person who would like to start a career in this sport.


From Joseph Momaso

Enregistrement de Footballeur | Joseph Momaso par ALLFORWEB

Hello young friend.
You’re back on this page because of your interest in soccer. I appreciate it and congratulate you. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I have decided to entrust the management of my communications to ALLFORWEB, a company in which I have full confidence and which has always demonstrated a professionalism worthy of the best.
I’m happy (and proud) to know that many young people, including you, want to make a career in football, and I encourage you all to do so. I’m also happy to know from your messages that I’m a role model, and for that reason, I will always give my best.

Succeeding in football is not an easy task. There are many obstacles along the way, and talent alone is not enough. But with a lot of effort, a little sacrifice, and above all GOOD ADVISORS, you can do it.

I am receiving many requests for support and advice. To better assist you, I have decided to work with the following companies:

  1. The “RELEVE FOOTBALL Academie” of my younger brother Jonathan Bapidi | Douala.
  2. The “237SportFul” management agency run by my younger brother Alain Yebo | Douala.
  3. The management agency “MSE” run by my younger brother Richard Epee | Yaoundé.

I invite you to take note of the information below and to fill in the form. Depending on your (player) profile, one of these people (or a member of their team) will contact you.

Good luck and much success in your endeavors.

Thank you




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Why choose us ?

As Mr Momaso said, it’s good to have talent, but it’s better to have people you can trust around you to support you.

With the partners mentioned above, we’ll be creating an environment conducive to the blossoming of each player’s talent.

A professional footballer needs:

  1. Good training;
  2. Good career management advisors;
  3. Good communication.

Remember, you’ll need the following:
– Join a training center for younger players;
– Demonstrate your talent and fitness for cadets: a fitness program could be set up;
– A transfermarkt for experienced players.


Training is the foundation. A lot of players learn to play ‘in the neighbourhood’. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but trusting trained coaches is much better and guarantees better results.

Managing your career

We don’t sell players, we find opportunities for MEN! In addition to training, our managers support players like members of the same family. Thoroughness, trust and honesty are the foundations of solid partnerships to defend your interests.

International openings

We know that all footballers want to play in the best leagues. One of the conditions is to register on the TransfertMarkt platform. This will facilitate the procedures involved.


Please complete the form below to

confirm your need to be accompanied.

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