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Hi, my name Audrey, and I have a vision!

More than a dream, it’s my heartbeat: to give a name and a voice to your heart’s cry, your desire, your vision; to carry your dream to the ends of the earth with my voice. 

You may wonder how I could keep such a promise! 

By the grace of God, I have through various experiences been able to discover and develop natural abilities and gifts that I wish to put at your service, most notably: 

  • My ability to capture the hearts of others, to fully invest myself for their vision and understand the true value they wish to bring to it. 
  • An Eloquence, a natural leadership and a voice that brings people together and engages.

Ivriss Audrey DEMGNE is my name. With a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, I have in turn contributed to the business development of several brands, managed several teams and supervised communication and artistic production projects. 

Aware that being natural is not enough for a world that is constantly evolving, nor for people like you, in search of excellence, innovation and creativity, I continue to grow, train and practice in order to refine my art.